Maintenance in the high-speed rail//train workshop

What problem cause when maintenance in High-speed rail//train workshop:


1、The processing workshops is relatively large, and the steel structure is complex.

2、There are many equipment in the workshops, it cause much heat.

3、There will be body oil and peculiar smell during the production process.

4、The worker’s work position is relatively fixed and close to the heating equipment, which will cause the staff to be abnormally hot.

Maintenance in the high-speed railtrain workshop.png

According to the large area of high-speed rail/train maintenance workshops, the fixed position, a large number of heating equipment, odor and others harsh problems. the general cooling equipment on the market wants to solve this problem at one time, . Dorosin Industrial air-conditioners, provide large air flow to achieve air exchange, Remove odor, and cooling, which can solve the problem of ventilation and cooling in large space at one time.

The Advantages of Dorosin industrial air-conditioners in cooling solutions for high-speed rail/train maintenance workshops:

1. Dorosin Air-conditioning is with large air flow to achieve air exchange, large cooling capacity which provide low air temperature outlet (there will be 10-15C difference from the process air to the processed air) .

2. No need to install, it can be moved when you use it, and can be adjusted at any time according to the working scope of employees;

3.More energy saving and environmental protection, targeted cooling, no loss of cold air, low-carbon and environmentally friendly cooling.

Maintenance in the high-speed railtrain workshop-2.png