Industrial plant cooling solutions

Overall overview of the workshop:

An industrial workshops in Guangdong, the workshops structure is a steel structure, the area is 5000 square meters, the floor height is 15 meters, and there are about 600 employees.

Problems with no refrigeration equipment installed in the workshop:

1. The steel structure workshop is easy to absorb heat in summer, even if the floor is insulated, but it it not have much effect to cool;

2. There are many manufacturing equipment, large heat generation cause high temperature;

3. The peculiar smell is unpleasant when the equipment is running, especially if the air in the workshop is not circulating, and the weather is hot, these smells are even more pungent.

4. When the summer arrives, when the outdoor temperature is as high as 36 degrees, the indoor temperature can reach over 38 degrees, so the environment is very hot and stuffy.

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The impact of the high temperature and sultry workshop on the enterprise:

The hot and unpleasant working environment in the workshop caused a very poor working atmosphere for employees and severely reduced work efficiency. Customers' orders could not be fulfilled according to the facts, resulting in lesser customer orders, which seriously affected the company's production efficiency and corporate reputation.

Design considerations:

1. To solve the problem of "heat and dryness" in the workshop (Dorosin Industrial Mobile Air Conditioner can lower the indoor temperature by 4-10 degrees);

2. To solve the problem of "odor" in the workshop (Dorosin Industrial mobile air conditioner circulates indoor air to cool down. When the air conditioner is turned on, fresh air will be continuously delivered to the room, and the unpleasant air inside is naturally discharged to the outdoors);

3. Power saving and energy saving.

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