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Prevention and Control Measures of Moisture in Underground Garage

In summer with high temperature and high humidity, moisture condensation is a common problem in underground garage environments. Especially in the rainy season, underground garage moisture condensation is particularly serious.

sole1.png This will not only damage the appearance of the garage, reduce the air quality in the garage, and affect the daily life of residents, but also long-term moisture will pose a huge threat to the performance and safety of the garage structure.

sole2.pngSo how to solve the problem of moisture condensation in underground parking garages?
1. More ventilation in spring and autumn.In spring and autumn, the outdoor humidity is high and the indoor temperature is low. At this time, when the ventilation system is turned on, condensation will not occur. Especially in autumn, the ventilation system should be turned on as much as possible to drive out the moisture accumulated in summer.

2. Use a dehumidifier to dehumidify in humid seasons and hot and humid weather.   Ventilation in such an environment will increase moisture and condensation in underground spaces. Therefore, an air curtain can be set at the entrance and exit of the car, which will not affect the entrance and exit of the car, and can reduce the outdoor hot and humid air entering the underground garage. In addition, in places with poor air circulation in underground garages, such as corners, an industrial dehumidifier with a large amount of dehumidification should be equipped for dehumidification, because it is difficult to evaporate and dry in these places once condensation occurs.

Different environments different solutions, please contact Dorosin for further discussion.

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