Provide cooling air for equipment

How to cool down equipment in the workshop in summer, a variety of common cooling methods


The first:
It is a traditional electric fan. Its advantage is that it is cheap, but it cannot solve the fundamental problem of cooling equipment in the workshop, because electric fans can only cause an exhaust air effect. In the summer, the wind from the fan that comes out is hot, the problem of cooling the workshop cannot be solved.

The second type:
It is a water curtain evaporate air cooler. The cold air produced in this way only has a temperature difference of 3-5C. Once the temperature rises above 35 quickly, this cooling effect will not work. At the same time, because a large number of water sources are used in the cooling process, the cost of use will also increase. The increase in humidity caused by the evaporation of the water curtain will increase the speed of bacterial reproduction in the air, which has great limitations in use.  

The third type:
To install the central air conditioning system. We all know that the cooling effect of central air-conditioning is particularly good, but on the contrary, the installation cost and operating cost of central air-conditioning system are very high, which discourages many companies from choosing cooling equipment in summer. Another feature is the limitation of the use conditions of central air-conditioning system. The use of central air-conditioning system should be in a closed workshop. In industrial production, many large-scale workshops are opened. The use of central air-conditioning system has no effect at all. High investment costs are wasted in vain.

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The fourth type:

It is the cooling of the mobile industrial air conditioner (or work position air cooler). This is a product different from the traditional air cooler. It is a position cooling method that is suitable for industry area and it is aimed at cooling the work location or equipment. It can effectively and targeted to cool the workshop equipment, the cost is reasonable, the cold air will not be lost, and it can efficiently solve the problem of workshop equipment cooling.

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