Medical research

Industrial Background:

The high precision equipment, medicine in stock, different patients in the ward, and the particularity of the public place, all make the hospital have a relatively high requirement for humidity in the indoor environment.1606448225105668.jpg

If the humidity is out of the prescribed range, it is easy to have a bad influence on the operation of precision instruments and equipment, the service life of drugs, and the recovery of patients. Generally speaking, many departments of major hospitals are strictly controlled the indoor environment temperature and humidity at 22-25℃; Relative humidity is about 45-60% RH.


According to requirements from the "Draft Technical Specification for Building of Hospital Clean Surgery Department", the temperature and humidity of the operating room must be controlled within a certain range: namely, the temperature is 22-25 ℃, and the relative humidity is 45-60% RH. Besides, as the in-depth connection between Dorosin's engineers and the hospital responsible person, the solutions have been made according to the distribution of different spaces and the humidity requirement range of Union Medical College Hospital. Different types of dehumidifiers and humidifiers were recommended respectively, and the exclusive humidity control scheme was formulated.

It not only ensures the normal operation of medical equipment but also provides a good environment for the recovery of patients' physical and mental health.Medical research.jpg

In view of the particularity of hospital environmental conditions, which require 7* 24-hour all-weather control, the humidity control system designed by Dorosin has taken the continuous operation cost and energy consumption into consideration. Through practice, the whole series of Dorosin products have been proved durable, efficient, and energy-saving.