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DOROSIN’s International Order Management



When Dorosin international business department received some orders from overseas,you may want to know how we will handle your orders within DOROSIN teams? Here, let us introduce you what is the exact order schedule from the payment until the shipment.




A: Before receiving the order:


1. Products quotation provided

Our products are: portable air conditioner, air dehumidifier and humidifier

2. Confirm products details, cooperation terms and agree on the contract from both parties.

Please let DOROSIN to know any requirements about your local market, such as OEM details, certificates required, there is professional pre-sales team, R&D team and after-sales team to serve your business as a partner!

3. Provide the OEM final design files.

4. Confirm the shipment plan with DOROSIN.


B: Process of the production:


1. Materials collection according to the order    ©15-30 days

2. OEM/ODM sampling confirmed with customers (customized logo, color and other details)

3. Make complete samples before mass production, test them in laboratory by Quality department, confirm with customers by pictures  ©2-3 days

4. Start the mass production(Including production, QC on production line, random inspection,, package)   ©10-25 days

5. Finish production and ready for shipment (shipment time will be planed and confirmed well in advance with customers)


C: Ready for shipment:


1. Book the shipment 1 week previously (FOB/CNF terms are available to choose)

2. Handle papers for customers

3. Wait for the shipment until arrival of destination






1.Customers provides the drawing files or detailed requirements of products

2. DOROSIN’s R & D team evaluate the structure matching and system, and output the final drawing file after agreeing with customers’ idea © 1-3 weeks

3. Send customers 3D drawings and renderings files for confirmation

4. Optimization of appearance and structural drawings © 1 weeks

5. Prototype production       © 4-8 weeks

6. Customer evaluation prototype and provide any idea for optimization

7. Optimize on the original prototype until the final sample © 1 week

8. Sign the final sample confirmation

9. Customers provide all ODM materials for mass production

Customized materials finished and confirmed with customers

10. Start mass production © 3-8 weeks

11. Products checking by customer’s side or ask DOROSIN provide mass products picture for confirmation before shipment