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Stage of the product life cycle


B.2. Stage of the product life cycle


The life cycle of household electrical appliances is just after a growing period, and it is at its mature period. At this time, the demand of the industry will stop to rise in the following years. The product sales in the mature period will remain stable, and the mature period will last for a period of time till the late stage of maturity(Forward Industrial Research Institute.2020).


Dorosin include household dehumidifiers, which belong to the category of household appliances. Industrial and commercial humidifiers and mobile air conditioners belong to commercial products, and even larger machines belong to supporting products of engineering projects. As mentioned above, it is very difficult for household dehumidifiers to grow in future business if we need ideal profit. The price competition of mature products is very fierce. At the same time, they also need to innovate constantly and provide new products to the market in order to maintain stable turnover.


Regarding worldwide market, products used by industry and commerce still being a growing life cycle. It is expected that these dehumidifier and ac will be more and more widely used in the next 10 years and people will have higher and higher acceptance of these products until they can't live without them. The habitual thinking of human beings is to first make themselves enjoy comfort, improve work efficiency through some machines, and then consider how to protect their property by using some equipment. Make it have longer service life and use it more efficiently. So Dorosin industrial and commercial dehumidifiers are very important for human production, manufacturing and property storage.

Since 10 years ago, people have wondered why the air needs dehumidification, especially property. People believe that all property does not need good air, only space is enough. In fact, it is wrong. Now people begin to realize that after using dehumidifier or humidifier to keep air at good temperature and humidity level,all the things in that room will be in good conditioner for a longer time, in that way global sales must have greater growth in the future. At the beginning, European factories manufactured some dehumidifiers at medium and large size, but the cost is very high. Later, they were made in China. Importing from China can make all users enjoy high-quality and low-cost goods. However, the marketing work of Chinese enterprises needs to be strengthened. Through some exhibitions, the Internet and social software, more consumers can find dehumidifiers from China.