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Is the spot cooler effective?



How effective is the mobile air conditioner(also called spot cooler/portable air cooler)? Which brand of mobile air conditioner is better? These are usually the issues that consumers are most concerned about. The mobile air conditioner breaks through the traditional design concept, it has a light t appearance, high energy efficiency ratio, low noise, no installation, plug and work, and can be placed in different places whether it’s indoor or outdoor. However, the question”how to choose a suitable air conditioner”is often confused by consumers, here, let us introduce to you.


The mobile air conditioner (portable spot cooler) has a small appearance, no external machine, save the labor cost to install, easy to install, can be refrigerated and moved at will, and can be controlled by itself;

DOROSIN’s mobile air conditioner (portable spot cooler) uses a well-known brand compressor, which has fast cooling speed, low power, energy-saving effect, lower billing, and no drainage troubles.

As the top spot cooler brand in China, the big advantage is on price of DOROSIN, the mobile air conditioner with good price, a more affordable price, which is closer to end consumer.


Mobile air conditioners (spot cooler) have the same working principle as ordinary air conditioners, with basically the same power and cooling capacity, but have advantages in terms of size, installation, price, mobility, and environmental protection, for home appliance distributors, the after-sales service is also easy handling than ordinary air conditioners.

If you’re looking for air conditioner factory in China, you may concern which brand of mobile air conditioner is well-known in China. At present, there are many brands in the mobile air conditioner market in my country, such as Midea, TCL, Gree, Haier, Aux, Chigo, Changhong, etc., and DOROSIN, the big difference between other brands is it’s focusing on spot cooling machines for the industrial and commercial, it’s the top2 brand in market segment of spot cooler in China, a brand also researching, developing and marketing dehumidifier and humidifier. Here, if you have interest to know more about DOROSIN, welcome to contact the oversea department at shannon@dorosin-china.com


Many people misunderstand that mobile air conditioners are the kind of air conditioners sold in supermarkets cost a few dollars. In fact, this is completely wrong. They are two types of products but very similar, mainly including:


The first is that the product attributes are different. Mobile air conditioners are a kind of air conditioner category, while air conditioners fan are a kind of fan category, the air is cold compared with the ordinary fan.



Regardless of the large price difference, the effect is far different. The mobile air conditioner (air conditioner) can cool, its function is different from the traditional air conditioner, and one point is more obvious, which is easy to move and easy to change positions.

1. What is a mobile air conditioner?

The appearance of the mobile air conditioner is similar to the air conditioner fan, but its cooling principle is the real air conditioner, not the air conditioner fan. You can see the mobile air conditioner (air conditioner) is your home wall hanged air conditioner,while it can be removed and updated on the structure and technology. There is no outdoor unit and no professional installation is required, it’s all in one. It is cooled by a compressor and discharged by the exhaust pipe to discharge hot air to achieve the effect of cooling local areas.



2. What is the difference between a mobile air conditioner and an air conditioner fan?

Mobile air conditioners (spot cooler), like ordinary air conditioners, need to use refrigerant for cooling, but air conditioners fans just fans. Except for the similar appearance, the cooling capacity, price, and cooling principle are completely different. A mobile air conditioner (air conditioner) is a type of air conditioner category, and the air conditioner fan belong to fan category. The two methods are fundamentally different.


2. What is the cooling effect of mobile air conditioners? Is the mobile air conditioner (spot cooler) good?


Mobile air conditioners provide irreplaceable convenience for places where outdoor units cannot be installed, especially in indoor environments where the central air conditioner is turned off. To cool a separate room, mobile air conditioners are a good choice.


In terms of refrigeration, the classification of various refrigeration appliances is roughly as follows: air conditioner (ordinary/inverter air conditioner)> mobile air conditioner (air conditioner)> cold air> air conditioning fan> electric fan. It can be seen that the mobile air conditioner has a slightly weaker refrigeration capacity compared to the general ordinary split-type hanging or cabinet air conditioner, but it is far superior to other refrigerators. I also learned about the difference between mobile air conditioners and air conditioner fans.

Mobile air conditioners (air conditioners) have a better cooling effect in a local area than general air conditioners. For example, to prevent computers, meters and other equipment from overheating, the air outlet can be directly adjusted to the front to blow directly to achieve the cooling effect.


How much does a mobile air conditioner cost? How about mobile air conditioners?

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