Warehouse logistics

The warehouse area of the warehouse center of the logistics company is relatively large, from thousands of square meters to tens of thousands of square meters.

Warehouse logistics.png       If the goods are damp when they are put in the warehouse, they are easy to become moldy or deteriorate, or oxidize and rust, or the packing boxes are deformed and damaged due to damp. The logistics company has to bear major responsibilities such as compensation.Besides, some warehouse are rent which with no moistureproof design, and there are also some old warehouses, once there is a rainy weather, warehouse indoor will be damp and moldy. For example, if the electronic or electrical products are stored, once humidity level exceed the required range, that will make the product function failure, after power on, the electrical short-circuit, leakage or other safety problems will come! If it is cartons or other packaging products once damp completely lose the original shape, appearance;

       In addition, the moisture-proof and dehumidification work of the food warehouse is the top priority, because the food is easily contaminated with moisture and mildew, quality and safety can not be guaranteed, the loss and bad consequences, we can image.

       Therefore, the scientific and reasonable methods to do humidity control are essential to most of the warehouse logistics.

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       Dorosin dehumidifiers adopt with automative humidity control system, can control the indoor humidity without labor guard. Help the warehouse owner lower down the cost on humidity control. More pretty good moisture-proof choices are waiting for your inquiry!


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