Food processing

Industrial Background:

Food production workshop has a higher requirement of temperature and humidity. Some workshops have larger dust and it’s harder to control. In general, people use conditioner for cooling and dehumidification, if the dehumidifying ability is not strong, they also use the dehumidifier to solve this problem. When summer comes, dehumidifier will generate lots of heat which conditioner is difficult to cool down as well as has a greater energy consumption.

For those circumstances, DOROSIN has been devoting research and development to energy-saving and high efficiency for many years successfully. In summer, according to the requirement of environment, our energy-saving industrial and commercial dehumidifier not only can dehumidify effectively but also resolve the temperature problem that can reduce 20% - 30% of power consumption at the same amount of dehumidification capacity. When the season of low temperature comes, it can change the mode of dehumidification and dehumidify effectively, which greatly improves the rated dehumidification capacity.

Temperature and humidity sensors are crucial for food storage, which change can lead to food spoilage and food safety problems. With the expansion of the application scope of dehumidifier, the energy-saving and high efficiency dehumidifier will achieve more and more recognition.