4 Ton/14,000W/47,740Btu cooling capacity air conditioner

Centrifugal wind machine

Double the air volume and the wind speed is evenly matched with U-shaped air ducts,

Low noise, strong wind force, greatly improve work efficiency

HVAC tent, warehouse, workshopfan-jet greenhouse, subway, logistic, factory, production line, equipment cooling ect.

The large air outlet effectively cools down...

Outdoor temporary command center, construction site

Hao other local cooling or outdoor cooling sites

Precision equipment and meter room

Machinery Manufacturing Workshop

Panasonic compressor, stable and safe performance, high-enery and lower noise

High-end LCD screen

Microcomputer control, clear display of function status, convenient for customer operation

Plug and play, integrated body, circuit design, international standard plug,

No need to install, scientific layout, making cooling more convenient

Widely applied for post cooling, workshop, equioment cooling, electric room, transportation, builings, venue...

Cooling Capacity14000W
Power Supply380V/50-60Hz,460V/60Hz,
Power Consumption5000W

Rated Current



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