Flexible and wide applied for commercial places, feel the cooling in no time. Operates in up to 113 degrees/45℃ heat. For operating temperature is 5℃-35℃, for human cooling also machine cooling.

Zero-installation, very easy to handle

Built-in evaporator removes most condensate

Compressor Cooling drop the hot temperature 10℃-15℃

A more efficient cooling way to your daily life

Compact Design Strong Peformance

Key features

- DOROSIN unique design, water-full alarm

- Smart and sensitive touch display

- Plug and work, suitable for multiple areas

- You will figure out more...

Explore more applicationa area and market with

DOROSIN MINI ABS Poratable Air Conditioner

The household, commericial,outdoor activities, camping, office, shopping mall, restaurant, kitchen, rest room, ect.

Cooling capacity1800W
Power supply


Power consumption680W
Tank capacity2.5L
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