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“Remember the initial will,move on with our fait


The old years had shown its glory,more achievement will be made in a new year. “Remember the initial will, move on with our faith.” ——Dorosin 2018 Annual Meeting and Staff Recognition Ceremony was grandly held in Longyatt Hotel of Foshan in the afternoon of 27th,Jan,2018. The general manager Mr. Yao Xupeng gathered together with more than 300 employees with great enjoy.

In the meantime,there are special guests who have been supporting and developing with Dorosin were invited to the ceremony to share this great event. The ceremony was kicked off with the speech of vice general manager Mr.Yao Yipeng who showed and reviewed the frustration and development of Dorosin in 2017.The vice general manager showed that it is everyone’s effort that supported Dorosin’s development and hope all staff can united together to achieve their goal in 2018. Meanwhile,the vice general manager gave his sincere new year wishes to all people.


▲ The vice general manager Mr.Yao Yipeng addressed for the Meeting

Dorosin’s great achievement in 2017 is credited to the contribution of all staff. On that ceremony day,the first event was to honor those excellent representatives who made great contribution for this company,outstanding performance on his duty and served the company for several years. There were sales model,production model,excellent employee,annual progress award,construction award and contribution award.


▲ Sales models took the prize


▲ Excellent employees took the prize


▲ The vice general manager awarded construction prizes


▲ The general manager awarded contribution prizes

公司的发展离不The development of the company is inseparable from the joint efforts of the staff, but also relies on the foresight of the pilot,at the end of the recognition process,the general manager Mr.Yao Xupeng delivered the keynote speech of “Move on with our faith in 2018”. He pointed out the initial will is to make people’s living environment more comfortable and healthier,to be a first-class enterprise,develop the best talents,to lead the progress and promote the innovation of the industry,to make every Dorosin staff achieve their value,from corporation vision and mission.

At the same time, he hope all Dorosin people will go ahead with: the faith to achieve a goal with continuous effort,the confidence of believing the enterprise will grow bigger and stronger,the trust in development strategy of the enterprise.


▲ The general manager made a speech

  After the recognition process,well prepared programs from Dorosin staff came out one after another,not only did they perform well in their work, they also show professional performance in their programs.


▲ Hot opening dance


▲ Entertaining Theatre


▲ versatile “experts”

 During the shown,the general manager Mr.Yao Xupeng together with his wife singed a classic song surprisingly,which pushed the atmosphere to the climax and all people singed together to make the scene full of warmth.


▲ The general manager and his wife sang a song together

Since ancient love is unreliable, the most popular program is lucky draw.That night a series of lucky draw made all people excited again and again.The band’s performance also added much joy for the banquet.


▲Lucky colleagues


▲ The Band


▲Lucky colleagues

“Remember the initial will, move on with our faith.” ——Dorosin 2018 Annual Meeting and Staff Recognition Ceremony ended successfully.Here Dorosin wish all people:good fortune,good luck and good health.