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What is cherry planting and dehumidification solutions?


As the saying goes, "good trees are hard to plant", today's cherry growing and cultivation mostly use greenhouses. The environmental conditions are different from open-air/outdoor planting. It is not only restricted by natural conditions, but also affected by human factors. Among these factors, temperature and humidity are the most important factors affecting the growth and development of cherry trees, as well as the key to the success or failure of cultivation.

Humidity is mainly controlled by ventilation, spraying or sprinkling humidification, etc., to keep the moisture at about 50% RH. In addition, specially pay attention to the adjustment of humidity during fruit coloring, and the humidity should not be too high to prevent physiological fruit cracking. Artificial dehumidification refers to the use of Dorosin greenhouse dehumidifier for cherries and series of intelligent humidity control dehumidification. The main principle is to suck the moisture in the shed into the dehumidifier through a fan, and then discharge the moisture into the container, thereby avoiding the phenomenon of fruit cracking .

Dorosin greenhouse dehumidifiers for cherries and series of intelligent humidity control dehumidifiers strictly adopt professional technology and superb craftsmanship to produce high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly dehumidifiers, with intelligent constant humidity control system. The user can automatically control the working principle of the dehumidifier according to the needs of the production, realize the high-efficiency dehumidification effect, and reduce the operating cost of the whole machine.

Precautions for the selection of dehumidifiers---The selection of dehumidification capacity and model of dehumidifiers is mainly based on the scientific calculation of specific values such as the size of the use environment, the size of the fresh air, and the humidity requirements of the space environment. In addition, the relative humidity of the environment has a certain relationship with the ambient temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the evaporation rate and the worse the effect. Therefore, when configuring the dehumidifier, select the type under the guidance of professionals, so that you can choose the most suitable dehumidifier!

In fact, when cultivating fruit trees, many fruits have the same problem of fruit cracking. In addition to the cherries mentioned above, there are grapefruit, grapes, citrus, pomegranate, jujube and so on. If we carefully analyzed, the causes of fruit cracking are roughly the same. In short, in order to prevent fruit cracking, fruit farmers can take different measures for different symptoms of growing, so as to scientifically and effectively improve the quality and yield of cherries and increase growing income. The above-mentioned Dorosin greenhouse dehumidifier for cherries strictly controls the humidity and the whole process of anti-cracking is provided by Dorosin, for your reference only!