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What Dehumidifiers Are Suitable for the Pharmaceutical Industry?



Humidity will affect medicine production. It is necessary to control humidity level during processing, and prevent it from cross infection and protect medicines quality. Every single kind of medicine has specific requirements on ideal humidity and temperature level.


Therefore, dehumidifiers play an important role in pharmaceuticals industry. And we're proud of Dorosin has taken account of over 95% Pharmaceutical Industry dehumidifier market in Beijing, China. What dehumidifier can do for pharmaceuticals industry?


1. Provide suitable storage environment humidity


Medicine has strict requirements on production and storage environment. Ideal environment condition for medicine storage rooms is important to safeguard the medicine effectiveness. By using Dorosins pharmaceutical industry dehumidifier can keep the humidity level as required, help to ensure the medicine quality.


2. Meet medicine production humidity level requirements


During medicine production procedure, if there are excess moisture, the medicine cant be finished successfully, and even lead to the waste of whole batches of medicines. For example, the humidity level should be kept less than 50%PH on manufacturing of injectables, test areas, less than 35%PH on manufacturing ampoules powder. Whats more, power compression need to be done in dry state, excess moisture causes caking and lumping, reduces medicinal effective and leads to inadequacy in tablet process


Before purchasing the dehumidifier for pharmacy, for medicine production and storage, you should contact the supplier first, write down your requirements and ask for professional suggestions to get the right dehumidifier for pharmaceuticals industry.