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Industrial Dehumidifier For Basement,Warehouse


3. Industrial Dehumidifier For Basement,Warehouse. How To Choose a Suitable Dehumidifier For Warehouse?


Using the basement as warehouse, it can not only reduce the storage cost, but also enhance efficiency in utilization of space. That's what we want and what we do mostly.


However, humidity level of basement are usually very high. Environment with excessive moisture can lead to financial loss, damage to the food safety and product quality problems. That's just to name a few. It is helpful to bacterial growth which make stored food deteriorate, and even threatens the interior of the structure. So, how to control well the humidity level? That's what dehumidifier can do, it is expert on controlling the air humidity level. But how to choose a suitable dehumidifier?


Basements humidity level are generally over 80%RH, and control the humidity at about 55%RH is good for majority of products. And you should pay attention to the following points before purchasing dehumidifiers,


1. Confirm the room size and number of floor levels. One of the principle for placing dehumidifiers properly is to ensure that dehumidifiers are evenly distributed in the room. It is advised to deploy multiple dehumidifiers with low power instead of one big power in the basement.


2. Confirm the drainage method. If there are sewer which connect domestic water and waste water to the plash, you can feel free to choose any of the dehumidifier, they all come with direct drainage hole so water can be poured directly to the plash. If there are not, pay attention, you should get dehumidifiers with water tank instead of others.


3. Choose suitable quantity and power of dehumidifier. If the basement stored products like equipment and instruments, it is recommended to control humidity at about 45%. If it is chemicals, electronic instrument or medicines that have strict requirements to the storage environment, more than half of the refrigerant dehumidifier are not suitable for them. Need to contact the the sales consultants nearby you, they well provide you solutions. For lower humidity, need to use rotary dehumidifier.


When raining days, or humid season, it is the time the basement come with the highest humidity level, and even generate strong musty smell in hot weather. Therefore, it is necessary to equip dehumidifier for your basements. There are 3 popular models to be recommended to you,