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AC or dehumidifier dehumidification, which is better?



The air conditioner has a dehumidification mode. There are many types of dehumidifiers when searching for dehumidification on e-commerce platforms. So what is the difference between air conditioner dehumidification and dehumidifier dehumidification? Do I need to buy a special dehumidifier?

Air conditioner dehumidification mode and dehumidifier are different in principle, function and effect. The specific differences are in the following three aspects:

1. Dehumidification principle:

We know that water vapor will condense into small water droplets when it is cold. For example, the "white gas" you see when you open the refrigerator. When the air conditioner is turned on indoors in summer, the water droplets on the windows are the liquefaction of water vapor.

The dehumidification of air conditioners and dehumidifiers uses this principle. Although the principle is the same, the dehumidification effects of the two are still different.

Most household dehumidifiers are compressor type, mainly composed of compressor, evaporator and condenser.

The moist air first passes through the evaporator. The water vapor in the air will liquefy when it is cold, and small water droplets will be collected in the water tank. As a result, the humid air becomes drier, but at the same time the temperature decreases.

In order to make the temperature of the blown air more comfortable, the dry cold air also needs to be heated by the condenser. Finally, the dehumidifier blows out dry air at an appropriate temperature.

Unlike the dehumidifier, the evaporator and condenser of the air conditioner are separate. When the air conditioner is used for cooling, the indoor unit is equivalent to an evaporator, and the outdoor unit is equivalent to a condenser.

In the dehumidification mode, moist air enters the air conditioner and condenses into water through the evaporator. At the same time, the air conditioner blows out cold air.

In other words, the dehumidification of air conditioners must be accompanied by refrigeration. However, a decrease in temperature will cause an increase in the relative humidity of the air, resulting in an insignificant dehumidification effect.

2. Function:

The air conditioner not only has a dehumidification function, but also other functions. It is more practical, but the dehumidification effect is not as good as that of a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier is a machine specially used for dehumidification, so its function is relatively simple.

3. Dehumidification effect:

Because the working principle of air conditioner dehumidification is to use refrigeration to dehumidifying, the dehumidification effect is not significant in a short time and consumes more electricity. The dehumidifier is a special kind of dehumidification appliance, which has a good dehumidification effect and can balance the humidity in the air. The air will not become dry and will not have adverse effects on the human body.

Which dehumidification method to choose

In addition to the difference in effect, air conditioners dehumidification also consumes more electricity and cannot be placed randomly like dehumidifiers.

If your home is low-lying and prone to dampness, it is recommended to choose a Dorosin dehumidifier. If you only need to dehumidify occasionally, please use the dehumidification mode of the air conditioner.