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Why do we need Dehumidifiers


Why do we need dehumidifiers?Temperature,humidity and health,Temperature, humidity and disease,Temperature, humidity and beauty.


1. Temperature,humidity and health:


When it comes to temperature and humidity, we naturally think of the "dogdays" in the heat and the "coldest days" in the winter. In fact, the changes of temperature and humidity in different seasons are closely related to our health. The results show that suitable healthy temperature for human body is 18 ℃ - 25 ℃ and healthy humidity is 40% - 70% RH. In this environment, human body feels most comfortable. When temperature is between 24 ℃ - 30 ℃ and humidity is less than 60%, human body feels hot but not stuffy; When temperature is higher than 30 ℃ and humidity is greater than 70%, human body feels muggy; When temperature is higher than 36 ℃ and humidity is greater than 80%, human body feels seriously muggy, and the sweating mechanism is blocked, which is easy to heatstroke due to the accumulation of a large amount of heat in the body; The work error rate is ten times higher than usual, and the rate of accidental industrial accidents has increased.

2. Temperature, humidity and disease:


 There are many wind diseases in spring, many heat diseases in midsummer, many damp diseases in late summer and early autumn, and many dry diseases in late autumn, Winter is cold and sick. Many diseases are closely related to temperature and humidity, especially low humidity. Modern medicine has found that the average life span of bacteria is the shortest under 45% - 55% relative humidity. Too high or too low humidity will prolong the life span of bacteria. When the air humidity is 35% RH, the ciliary movement on the respiratory mucosa of the nose and lungs slows down, dust and bacteria are easy to adhere to the mucosa, stimulating the throat and causing cough and other respiratory diseases. When the air humidity is low, the reproduction speed of influenza virus and Gram-positive bacteria that can cause infection will accelerate, and it is easy to spread and cause diseases. In addition, allergic diseases such as allergic dermatitis, asthma and skin pruritus are also related to dry air.


3. Temperature, humidity and beauty:


The most important component of our skin is water. About 70% of the water in the adult epidermis and dermis. Moderate water can maintain the luster and color of the skin. Proper control of air humidity can achieve the water balance between air and skin. If it is dry for a long time, the epidermis will gradually lose elasticity and luster due to lack of water, and accelerate the aging of cuticle. In addition, high temperature, heat, cold and dry will also lead to water imbalance in the human body. Therefore, sensing temperature and humidity changes at any time and taking corresponding protective measures are important aspects of maintaining skin luster.